St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Ormskirk

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22nd May 18
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After School Club

The After School club is organised by St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School but operated by an independent management committee. It is an extended school activity which operates from 3.30pm to 6.00pm and it is open to all pupils who attend St Anne's Catholic Primary School. The children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of interesting activities and they are provided with a choice of food and drink each day.  The children are ecouraged to be independent and to make decisions for themselves whilst at the same time developing their social and interactive skills.

Pricing Policy

There is a one–off registration fee of £5.00 per family (non refundable)

After School Club fees:   £6.50 for one child, £11.50 for two children and £15.75 for three children per day for booked sessions (in advance).  No refunds will be given for absence either through illness or holidays.  Any emergency sessions taken will be paid for on the night of the session taken and emergency sessions can only be offered with prior consent.

The After School Club fees are used to cover the cost of:

• Staffing

• Food

• Equipment and day to day running costs.

Additional Information