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24th September 17
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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders


Our Digital Leaders have been elected by other children in their class. Their role involves:

  • Supporting staff and students with the use of technology
  • Promoting e-safety 
  • Testing new equipment and resources
  • Sharing knowledge and skills with others
  • Helping shape the use of technology within the school

There are Digital Leaders in many other schools nationwide and this role is an excellent opportunity for children to develop valuable leadership skills and use them to support transformational change in IT throughout the school.

Apple Store i-pad training


The Digital leaders recently visited the apple store in Liverpool One, to learn how to use 'Keynote' which is a presentation app for i-pads. In the summer term the children will be teaching KS2 staff and children how to use Keynote across the curriculum. We also have further i-pad training planned for coding in the Summer Term.

Apple store coding training


The Digital Leaders visited apple in Liverpool again on Monday 15th of May to learn how to use a coding app called Swift Playgrounds. The visit was a great success and the children all agreed that Swift Playgrounds should be implemented in school, for children to learn coding skills in the near future. They found the software fun, with a good level of challenge at the same time. 

In addition to learning how to use Swift for coding, the children used the language of code to instruct and direct each other through a series of obstacle courses. They also explored how to apply what thet had learnt about coding to program two different robots. BB-8 and the Jimu robot.  The group programmed Jimu to showcase his funky dance moves.

As a treat we had a ten minute demonstration of a Drone that can be operated from an i-phone. We were all very impressed when the instructor put his phone away to show how the drone can also be controlled by recognising hand signals as commands. 

More trips are planned to the store, watch this space.

Mr Knowles

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