St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Ormskirk

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22nd May 18
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Pupil Premium

At St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, there is a school-wide commitment to raising achievement for all pupils.  The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the gap between them and their peers.     

We strive to provide the best possible education for all our pupils by focussing on the following bullet points:

  • To further develop language and communication skills for all pupils
  • To close the attainment gap in Reading, Writing and Mathematics between groups of pupils
  • To continue to improve confidence, independence and self-esteem for all pupils
  • To continue to improve the wider opportunities available for all our pupils
  • To continue to improve attendance and punctuality for all pupils
  • To continue to develop parental engagement, support and partnership work to remove barriers to learning
  • For all pupils to achieve in all aspects of the curriculum
  • For all pupils to be proud of their achievements