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22nd May 18
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Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage Unit.

This is our team.



St Anne’s Foundation Stage Unit consists of an open plan layout divided into areas of learning.  In each area, there are basic resources which are clearly labelled so children can find things independently.  We also make enhancements to areas by linking activities to current themes or interests to support and enhance children’s learning. 



The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework sets out the learning and development stages for children from birth to five years. The children learn across seven areas:

The Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional,

Communication and Language

Physical Development

The Specific Areas 



Understanding the World

Creative Arts and Design

Characteristics of Learning

The framework supports children’s learning and development through:

Playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically

Through these characteristics we aim to develop children into resilient, independent, enthusiastic learners who are willing to have a go, take risks and keep trying.






Literacy Focus

.R.E Topics

Autumn 1

Teddy Bears



Global Week – Africa

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Little Red Hen

Handa’s Surprise





Autumn 2

People Who Help Us



Non-Fiction - Prayer




The Story of Christmas




Spring 1



  Chinese New Year

A Snowy Night


Story of the Chinese New Year







Spring 2


The Three Little Pigs


The Gingerbread Man






Summer 1

Growing- Plants and Animals



Jack and the Beanstalk


The Enormous Turnip


Good News





Summer 2



Brunel Bear

Aliens Love Underpants


The Hare and the Tortoise




Our World



These topics are not always followed rigily and maybe adapted due to seasonal changes or to follow children’s interests.

For further details please refer to:  The Early Years Parent’s guide. 





What to Expect When

We introduced the "What to Expect When" Government publication at the recent Curriculum Meeting.

We shall use this as a basis for our Parent/ Teacher meetings over the coming weeks to form a baseline assessment for your child.



We are now introducing short daily phonics sessions in class.

The children practise and learn phonics every day using a variety of resources and activities. Once the first set of letter sounds has been taught, the children will learn to blend the sounds into words.


s-a-t                 sat

p-i-n                 pin


The children will also learn to segment by splitting up the word into the different sounds it contains:

pin                   p-i-n

mat                  m-a-t


This is the initial stage of learning to spell words.


The children are split into small differentiated groups for their daily phonics sessions.


Please select your child’s phonics teacher link to find the sounds covered in their group.


WC 23/4/18 : Word file (32.3k)
WC 16/4/18 : Word file (32.3k)
WC 9/4/18 : Word file (32.3k)
WC 19/3/18 : Word file (32.3k)
WC 12/3/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 5/3/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 26/2/18 : Word file (30.7k)
WC 5/2/18 : Word file (31.7k)


WC 23/4/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 9/4/18 : Word file (32.3k)
WC 19/3/18 : Word file (32.3k)
WC 12/3/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 5/2/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 22/1/18 : Word file (31.2k)


WC 23/4/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 16/4/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 9/4/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 19/3/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 12/3/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 5/3/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 28/2/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 5/2/18 : Word file (31.2k)


WC 23/4/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 16/4/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 9/4/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 19/3/18 : Word file (31.7k)
WC 12/3/18 : Word file (31.2k)
WC 5/3/18 : Word file (30.7k)
WC 26/2/18 : Word file (30.7k)
WC 5/2/18 : Word file (30.7k)


Children will receive a phonics sound pack at the beginning of the year: this will include letter cards, whiteboards and pens.  Children are encouraged to use the letter cards to blend and segment words.  Each child will receive a words list based on the phonics they have covered in class, which will ensure their consolidation of the phonics.

Once the children have learnt a bank of phonics and are beginning to blend words, they will bring home two reading books per week.

The children will be expected to learn a selection of high frequency words which will link to their phonics phase. 

Once the children are settled into school, we will use ‘Education City’, a learning platform, to set weekly homework for Mathematics.  Education City is an excellent learning platform which will encourage your children to learn in a fun way.


Parental Involvement

We value the voice of the parent and are glad to hear of any important developments your child has made at home.  We will be sending home a termly ‘All about me sheet’ which will enable you to communicate your child’s current interests. 

We also invite you to send in your child's  ‘WOW’ ticket which you will be able to use to inform us of any significant achievements out of school, for example, swimming 10 metres.

Website Suggestions!

If you would like to support your child in any of the topic areas mentioned above please have a look at


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Reception's World's Biggest Coffee Morning!


The Reception children held a coffee morning to welcome our parents into school.

They hade made banners and a range of wonderful cakes!

Thank you so much for your very generous donations. We raised £275 for Cancer MacMillan.