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22nd May 18
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Year 1

Wecome to Year 1!


Autumn term in Year 1 has begun and the children are already working hard at settling into their new routines. With the introduction of more formal lessons, new topics and a whole new classroom environment, things can seem very different! Please see our termly newsletter for more information about what the children will be learning this term and also for important dates. 


We look forward to seeing many of you at our welcome meeting next Wednesday!



Summer Term


In Year 1 we are already having a great time this term! We have been learning all about a variety of animals in our topic work, using our addition and subtraction skills in Maths to understand data and planning our own outdoor themed stories in English.

Please read our newsletter below to find out more about the exciting activities and topics we have planned for the remainder of the year!


Year 1 Curriculum Map


We are already enjoying being back at school after our half term break in Year 1 and are excited for the new things we will learn this term!

In English we will be looking at the traditional tale of 'Snow White' and working towards writing our own version of the story. We will also look at recounts, which will link with our overall topic of 'Ormskirk' and the children's own lives so far.

In Maths we will continue to improve our addition and subtraction skills and we will also be exploring measurement of length and fractions. Maths in Year 1 is often practical, links to real life and challenges us to think carefully to solve tricky problems - we love it!

RE this term will prepare us for Easter, where we will learn more about how and why Jesus gave himself for us. We look forward to taking part in whole school worship, as well smaller reflections in our own classes.

In Science we will look at the human body and skeleton, and learn more about how we function. We will celebrate our differences and the fact that we are all unique!

Through our History lessons this term we will have the opportunity to meet with the Ormskirk Historical Society who can tell us more about how our town has changed over the years. In addition to this we will also visit Chapel Gallery and their exhibition of art work relating to Ormskirk, where we will have the opportunity to work with an artist on our own Ormskirk themed art work!

* Please note this trip will be in place of the originally planned trip to Ormskirk market.*

A little reminder to keep checking for online Maths and Phonics homework each week on It usually goes live on a Friday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday. If you have any problems logging on or accessing the homework please let us know - we are here to help! 

We look forward to fun half term, where hopefully we will end up with a great sense of who we are and where we come from!

Curriculum Links


If you would like to support your child in any of the topic areas mentioned above please have a look at


Along with your child's weekly homework tasks, there are many other games, activities and learning opportunities to explore!


Year 1 Photographs


Christmas Crafts Morning


Superhero Topic


How does your garden grow?


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