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24th September 17
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Year 2

Summer Term 1

Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a wonderful Easter break. The children have begun the Summer Term ready to investigate lots of new and exciting things about their new topic called ‘The Wind in the Willows.’

The English curriculum is centred around our class novel, the abridged version of ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ The children will explore the characters of the gentle Mole, the clever Badger, the loyal friend Rat and the reckless Toad. They will be working towards writing their own final chapter to the story, entitled ‘The Adventures of Mr Toad.’ 

After looking at fictional animals, the children will be learning about some real animals. The Science curriculum for this half term is based upon animal survival and growth. The children will explore the habitats of animals, and how they are suited to their chosen environment. They will even design their own animal habitat/ hotel/ mansion (!) for their chosen minibeast! This study will complement the work that the children will be doing in the Forest School this term.

Following on from their study of minibeasts, the children will learn about animal survival and the workings of food chains, investigating predators and their prey.

Linking in to the topic of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ are the curriculum areas of Music, Art and Design Technology. The children will listen to the music of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and used tuned and untuned percussion instruments to create soundscapes.

During Art sessions, they will explore the use of watercolours and use the work of the artist David Hockney to inspire their ‘Wind in the Willows’ landscape paintings.

We are very excited about our Design Technology focussed task for this half term! The children are going to design, make and evaluate puppets of the ‘Wind in the Willows’ characters which they will use to retell the story to one of the younger classes. We would like to invite you to come into school on the afternoon of Thursday, 11th May to work with your child on their puppet project. It will be so much fun to take part in this collaborative project!

The topic for the second half of the Summer Term is aptly named ‘Buckets and Spades.’ The children will be working towards writing their own story set at the seaside, inspired by such tales as ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and ‘Winnie at the Seaside.’ This will be followed with a unit of work on seaside poetry.      

During Topic sessions, we will be comparing seaside holidays from the past and present. We will also be developing the children’s skills of working with textiles to create some fabulous seaside collages. We will be incorporating a visit to the Chapel Art Gallery into this topic.

Once again we will be developing the children’s investigative skills in our science topic ‘Uses of Materials.’ They will be finding out the names, properties and uses of everyday materials, and investigating the reasons why some materials are more suitable than others for particular products. We will also be squashing, pressing, pulling, bending and twisting materials to see if they will change shape.

The Summer Term RE topics are ‘Spread the Word’ which is centred around the story of Pentecost; ‘Rules’ and our CAFOD Universal Church topic ‘Treasures.’ The children will be invited to worship both in school and also at St Anne’s church this term, as they continue to develop their spirituality. *Please see the dates below.

We will also look at Hinduism as our ‘Other Faith’ and investigate how the Hindu people worship at home.


To help at home please: 

  • Encourage your child to read regularly and sign their reading record.
  • Help your child to learn their spellings for the Friday ‘quiz.’
  • Complete their homework to be handed in every Wednesday.


Dates for the Summer Term:

Summer 1—Class 5 Forest School (Wednesdays PM)

Thursday 11th May— Parents invited to help their children in a Design Technology afternoon (1.15—3.30)

w/c 15th May—Year 2 ‘quizzes’

Friday, 19th May —Year 2 to attend 9.15am mass at St Anne’s church

Summer 2—Class 6 Forest School (Wednesdays PM)

Friday, 9th June—Visit to Chapel Gallery

Friday 7th July —Year 2 to attend 9.15am mass at St Anne’s church

Thursday, 13th July—Collective Worship for parents (9.15am—Infant Hall)

Year 2 Curriculum Map


Year 2 Spring Term News


We started the Spring Term eager to learn lots of exciting, new things about our new topic called ‘Explorers!’

In our English work, we read a range of pirate stories by the author Jonny Duddle. We learned lots of new pirate words and loved reading the adventures of the Jolley Roger family, Captain Purplebeard and the mysterious fiddler. After careful planning, we wrote our own version of his famous story ‘The Pirate Cruncher.’  

After looking at fictional explorers, we learned about some real explorers. During our History lessons we found out about two significant explorers from the past, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.  Both were explorers but lived in very different times, but we were equally fascinated by their voyages and discoveries. Inspired by Neil Armstrong’s moon walk, we designed our own Lunar Rovers! We even included wheels and axles! It was great fun!

The second half of the Spring Term is now underway and our new topic is called ‘The Farm Shop’. To start the topic with a bang! Classes 5 and 6 headed out to Farmer Ted’s Farm Park. We had a wonderful day meeting all the animals and minibeasts, as well as having some fun playtime! Now we are back in school we are going to use the trip to inspire our writing: an animal riddle, an information leaflet, and writing a story in a farm setting.

During Topic sessions, we are doing a range of different fruit inspired art work. We are painting still life pictures in the style of Cezanne, and printing repeated patterns just like Lynn Flavell.

We are going to perform lots of Science investigations to discover how seeds grow into mature plants, and what they need to grow healthily. We have used fruit to investigate different seeds and we even tasted the fruit afterwards! We discovered that we loved pomegranate, mango and kiwi fruit! We are now going to use all of these delicious tastes to create our own fruit salad. As you can see, we are going to be kept extremely busy, but we’ll have lots of fun too!

Our new RE topic is ‘Opportunities.’  We will be reflecting on Lent being an opportunity to choose to do good for others.  Towards the end of the term we will be preparing for Easter, one of the most important events on the Christian calendar.

To help at home please: 

  • Encourage your child to read regularly and sign their reading record.
  • Help your child to learn their spellings for the Friday ‘quiz.’
  • Complete their homework to be handed in every Wednesday.

Dates for the Spring Term:

Friday, 24th February – Trip to Farmer Ted’s

Wednesday, 1st March – Ash Wednesday service

Thursday, 2nd March – World Book Day

Friday, 3rd March – Whole School Lent Mass 9.30am

Thursday, 9th March – SATs Meeting 6pm in the Infant Hall

Tuesday, 14th March and Wednesday, 22nd March – Parents’ Evening

Friday, 17th March – Y2 mass at St. Anne’s Church 9.15am

Thursday, 23rd March – Collective Worship for parents 3pm in the Infant Hall

Class 5 Photographs


Class 6 Photographs

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