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20th January 18
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Terms of Reference of Life of the School Committee


Life of the School Committee

Committee Terms of Reference



  • The Committee shall consist of members of the Governing Body.  The Headteacher is ex'officio, a member of the Committee.
  • Non-voting participants may be invited to meetings by the Committee as and when required.
  • The Committee will elect a chair from within its own membership.
  • The Committee shall have such associate members, non-voting, as the Governing Body shall appoint.  The Committee may make recommendations for these appointments.
  • The membership of the Committee shall be reviewed and determined annually by the Governing Body.


The quorum shall be (3) Governors, including the Headteacher, but excluding any associate members.



  • The Clerk to the Committee shall be responsible for convening meetings of the Committee.  Procedures of any meetings held must be minuted and these minutes presented for the next meeting of the Governing Body.
  • The Committee shall meet at least once a term and otherwise as requested.



The main function of the Committee is to advise the Headteacher and Governing Body on matters concerning the school curriculum, in particular:

  1. To ensure that the curriculum provided meets the statutory requirements, including those for reporting.
  2. To review the aims of the school curriculum in relation to the Curriculum 2000 requirements, Religious Education, Collective Worship and Sex Education.
  3. To advise on ways in which Governors can be involved in curriculum aspects of the School Development/Improvement Plan.
  1. To prepare or review any Curriculum Policy document which is the responsibility of the Governing Body.
  1. To make recommendations to the Governing Body on assessment policies or arrangements.
  1. To consider all the available data provided by the school and the LEA and to set and publish targets within the statutory time frames.
  1. To monitor pupil progress in relation to the targets set and with specific reference to particular groups.
  1. To monitor the impact of curriculum policies and planning on students' learning.
  1. To ensure that legal requirements are met regarding information published on the school's website.
  1. To receive reports from the Nominated Governors, subject leaders and SENCo.
  1. To determine arrangements for the approval of educational visits in the school in accordance with LEA policy and guidelines.
  • To be mindful of the requirements of the Equality Act.
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