St Anne's School Staff


St Anne's has a large staff who all work as one to help make our school a wonderful place.  Please click on each tab for more information.



St Anne's School Leadership Team have overall responsibility for school life at St Anne's. 


Headteacher Mr P Bates
Deputy Headteacher Mrs G Cleary
Curriculum Lead Mrs J Preston


Class 1 Mrs J Seddon
Class 2 Miss A Baile
Class 3                             Mrs Rawlinson/Mrs Avington
Class 4        Miss Reardon
Class 5        Miss Banks
Class 6        Mrs Preston
Class 7        Miss Williams
Class 8        Mr Batchelor
Class 9        Mrs Brookfield
Class 10       Miss Rawlinson
Class 11      Miss Disley
Class 12      Mr Knowles
Class 13      Mrs Cleary
Class 14     Mrs Hewitson/Mrs Walker


Mrs Y Dunn                                                                              EYFS/Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2 - Specialist SEND Mentor
Mrs L Foulds           Key Stage 2
Mrs L Scott EYFS/Key Stage 1
Mrs A Walsh Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2


Miss J Johnston EYFS
Miss E Robinson EYFS/Key Stage 1
Mrs S Phillipson EYFS
Mrs H Baldwin Key Stage 1
Mrs M Robinson Key Stage 1
Mrs L Bell Key Stage 2
Mrs J Carter  Key Stage 2
Mrs C Fair Key Stage 2
Mrs J Kershaw Key Stage 2
Mrs M Tobin Key Stage 2


Office Manager Mrs C Penlington
Business Manager Mrs H Oates


Mrs J Kershaw                                                                  Lead Supervisor EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
Mrs S Butler EYFS/KS1
Mrs D Collins EYFS/KS1
Mrs C Hunt EYFS/KS1
Miss E Robinson EYFS/KS1
Mrs L Scott EYFS/KS1
Mrs C Fair KS2
Mrs R Hales KS2
Mrs C Kershaw KS2
Mrs D Lawson KS2
Mrs M Robinson KS2


Mr P Robinson St Anne's Caretaker
Mrs D Collins Cleaner
Mrs C Hunt Cleaner
Mr M Mooney Cleaner
Mrs M Robinson Cleaner
Mr K Sumner Cleaner






Mr J Cairns                                   Specialist in Flute, Piano and Singing
Mr J Rawlinson Specialist in Guitar